What is Title Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Title insurance policies offer protection against unexpected ownership claims that might arise after you buy a new home. It makes your money and investment safe ensures that you are protected if there are questions about ownership.

Every time you buy a house, your real estate agent or title company will run a title check or title search to verify ownership of the property you just purchased. This examination and search consist of collecting and examining each and all public records involving the intended property title.

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These records include wills, liens, actions, and beliefs and can prove that the property is correct and legally moves from owner to owner. The examination also confirmed that all assessments and mortgages about property had been fully paid.

Remarkably, the search for the title most often will return with a clear report; however, sometimes a few problems will arise. Sometimes called 'defects' or 'clouds', these problems are things like loss of signature or comfort and other problems.

This must be completed and reviewed before the purchase is considered final. If you need title insurance, then most mortgage companies require at least some type of property insurance.

They are quite interested in the property and do not want to lose the investment. However, if you pay for your new home directly, you can decide whether the right insurance is right for you or not.