Ways To Worship God

Many people each week enter the church to worship God and learn more about him through the scriptures and messages delivered by the pastor or spiritual teacher. During most of the service, people will sing songs, clapping and praising God as a form of worship. This service allows believers to come together in fellowship and worship God corporately. 

But does all this have to worship God? Is limited to worship God at church services or singing, clapping, or dancing in the presence of God? But what it means to worship God in spirit and truth? Worshiping God in truth means that we follow God according to what is Biblical and spiritual sound. You can visit soh.church/ and get more info about the worship of God.

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God does not see our outward appearance. He sees who we are. He sees our motivation. He sees our hearts. God wants us to worship him in spirit. I think we sometimes forget that God is spiritual beings. He was not of flesh and bone like men. He is omnipresence means that God is everywhere at the same time. 

Unfortunately, too often we are taught we serve and love God by doing a lot of religious activities. To worship God in a way to comply with the spirit of God in unity and solidarity. Worship God in spirit and truth by eliminating the beliefs, traditions, customs, rules and other spiritual obstacles that might bother you to know God on an intimate level or know God in spirit and truth

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