Usage of CCTV Camera in Different Areas

CCTV closed-circuit cameras can capture or record images for surveillance. It acts as a video recorder that records analog signals as images. 

A high-powered camera with day-night features that must be installed for external security, Some cameras must be IR compatible which will improve night vision. 

This camera with a built-in zoom lens must be provided for certain indoor or outdoor locations.

The most important basis for CCTV is to provide monitoring and supervision of an area. CCTV helps monitor situations ranging from large gatherings to personal use. 

CCTV dealer (Also known as “ตัวแทนจำหน่ายกล้องวงจรปิด “ in the Thai language) make a lot of money especially when they provide services to hospitals and zoos in and around Bangkok. 

While home and business security are at the top of the use of CCTV systems, this self-monitoring method is also used in other areas.

Communities and cities use it to monitor traffic and control vandalism.

Constant monitoring allows immediate warnings and responses in the event of an emergency or evidence in a legal case.

Filmmakers and stage managers use it to see hidden areas or be blocked from sets. They can delete or record the best scenes.

At banks and ATMs they use CCTV to monitor customer activity. So the need for CCTV is the most and the beginning if you want to start any business.