Things You Need to Know About Rehabilitation

Many times you learn from medical crises parents of an unexpected phone call. Changes in health and parenting abilities you set in motion a journey for you, as a caregiver, and parents through the health care system.

During hospitalization, medical care you learn the reality of old. Hospital stays are much shorter, and the parents were likely to rotate through a skilled nursing facility before returning home. You can also look for senior rehabilitation centers in Long Island at

Here are some tips to help navigate the rehabilitation stay in a skilled nursing facility:

  • Hospital stays minimized. When the parents are no longer in need of medical services required in a hospital environment, it will be discarded because of restrictions on Medicare. If the parents had been hospitalized for at least 3 days, a doctor may write orders for rehabilitative services in skilled nursing facilities.
  • Live rehabilitation provides parents with a daily regimen of therapy such as Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
  • Talk to your doctor early in the week about his plans for the discharge of your parents. The worst days for the transfer to a skilled nursing facility Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because therapy is usually scheduled Monday through Friday.

It is entirely possible that your parents will need a visit from you more when he is in the skilled nursing facility than he was when he was in the hospital.