The Evolution of Eyeglass Frames

While referring to glasses, most of us will ignore the frame of the glasses. The reason lies in the fact that only a few of us are aware of the importance of frames in the evolution of glasses.

As is known, the earliest glasses have first appeared more than 7 hundred years ago. Therefore, it seems that the history of frames has the same longevity. In fact, the appearance of the first frame is much slower than the glasses.

Data shows that there are no frames in the original glasses and people use their hands to hold the glass when using. Later, some people feel uncomfortable using glass without any support. Therefore, some ribbons are used in making glasses and glass can be tied to the wearer's forehead.

In fact, the styles and materials employed in the eyeglass frames are the major elements in their evolution. Best Eyeglass Store in Long Island, NY and Proficient Eye Doctors, NY provides the best eye care services.

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In the past, eyeglass frames were only used as devices that could support lenses. And the frame in time is very rough and ugly. But now almost all glass frames are carefully made. Therefore, the frame style is always one of the selling points for many well-known brands. Thus, frames are sometimes the only reason why many people choose to wear certain types and brands of glasses.

The materials used in making these frames vary greatly in different periods. As mentioned above, the earliest material of the eyeglass frame is a ribbon. After that, metals are used for a very long time.

However, in everyday life, some people find the metal frame too heavy and some of them will suffer from allergies. With the use of plastic on a large scale in the industry, some designers have tried to make glass frames with plastic. And plastic frames have gained wide popularity because they are mild and allergic. Thus, plastic frames took a huge market share in the 20th century.