Are you searching for Homescapes Cheat to get free Coins and Stars legally?

Homescapes Cheat:

All the method given in this article is legal and can be used for Homescapes game to earn free Coins and Stars legally.

homescapes cheats

05 Homescapes Cheat to earn Stars and Coins Legally

Check all the 05 methods of Homescapes cheats to earn stars and coins legally.

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Method 1 # Smartphone Glitch

This is a special Homescapes glitch which you can use to earn free hearts.

Steps for Homescapes glitch

  • Log out from all Homescapes account
  • Reset your mobile to one day forward and reboot
  • Now log into your Homescapes account
  • Now check your Homescapes account for free hearts
  • Use all the hearts and log out from Homescapes
  • Now make the mobile date to normal and reboot
  • Login again to your Homescapes account

You can use this method every week once to avoid any detection by the Homescapes system.

Method 2 # Join Facebook

You can join your Homescapes account with a Facebook account to receive a huge bonus. Some of the bonus of joining Facebook is as follows

  • Get 1000 Homescapes coins
  • Get free Homescapes spin
  • You will also save your progress
  • Check the leaderboard
  • Join the team or make your team in Facebook

You need to check your Facebook account to connect the Homescapes account, and upon successful verification, you will receive a huge bonus.

Method 3 # Join games of Playrix

You can now join different games which are developed by Playrix and earn a huge bonus.

Open your dashboard and check for icon present to join different games

You can join Playrix games such as

  • Gardenscapes
  • Township
  • Fishdom
  • Wildscapes

If you install these games from Homescapes dashboard, then you will receive a bonus such as

  • Homescapes coins
  • Homescapes Stars
  • Homescapes games goodies

Method 4 # Earn free Stars by watching video

If you want to earn free Homescapes stars and coins, then you can watch video ads that are free to watch in your Dashboard.

You need to check for the “Daily to-do list,” where you will find video advertisements.

Just browse and click on the video icon in the daily to-do list and watch video advertisements for free Stars and Coins.

The length of these free Videos is 30 to 40 seconds, which means you can easily watch these and earn free coins and Stars.

Remember, all the video ads in Homescapes depend on which country you are residing in. Depending on your country, you may or may not receive video ads in Homescapes.

Method 5 # Complete events to earn free Coins

There are many special events that start in every season; you can participate in them and start earning free Coins and Stars.

Some of the events names are as follow

  • Furry tale events
  • Treasure Chest events
  • Star chest events
  • Happy time events
  • Williams Birthday events
  • Flint’s Adventures
  • Clouds events

If you participate in these events, you can earn

  • Free Homescapes coins
  • Free Homescapes Stars
  • Free Hearts
  • Free Boosters
  • Game decoration items
  • You can also receive Homescapes boxes

Final words

So, if you are looking for Homescapes free Stars and coins, then check this awesome 05 method to earn them legally.