The product is quite simple to use and set up. However, 3M indicates the expert installation of this paint protection film. According to the business, the installation by a car tuner is the only means to enjoy the durability of this item and to gain from its seven-year guarantee.

Nonetheless, it's possible to install paint protection film in your home. The technique is quite straightforward and there's absolutely no need to buy specialized, expensive equipment.

It is a gluing side, means you will require no extra glue to acquire the picture installed. The apparent bra is thin and flexible. A supply of heat may be employed to create the movie more flexible and simple to apply within the particular automobile part. Clear bra movies are also simple to cut so they match perfectly.

The majority of the automobile owners have problems using the 3M clear bra within the curved or inaccessible automobile components. Improper installation can cause the creation of air pockets beneath the surface. 


A fantastic alternative is the purchase price of 3M clear bra apparel. Additionally, it has a comprehensive set of directions that explains the particulars and the small tricks that increase the adhesion.

On the other side, professional setup might be a fantastic solution for those that do not have any expertise in the world of automobile tuning and film setup. Obviously, having to cover the installment will boost the purchase price of the film.

However, professional setup is the perfect way to enjoy the 3M clear bra advantages. It's also the only means to enjoy the advantages. The cost of specialist installation will be dependent on the number of automobile parts you would like coating.

It's also determined by the individual rate of the automobile tuner which you have selected. Possessing the film applied only over the exposed automobile part will bring the cost down.

To determine, you have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of either choice. The program at home is not as costly but it may cause quality compromise. An expert in the vehicle tuning sector will supply you with a guarantee, though you'll need to pay more for this sort of service.