Personal Protective Equipment – The Legal Framework Explained

Are you required to use or wear personal protective equipment at work? Whether you work, contract, or work as a self-employed individual who has been contracted to work for someone else, it is important for you to understand the current legal requirements for the supply and use of PPE equipment.

The first requirement that all people must fully understand is that in any of the above situations, it is entirely the responsibility of the employer to provide appropriate personal protection equipment. You can buy PPE from

Too often there are cases where employers try to get out of providing equipment or at least pay for it, but doing the opposite is a serious violation of current health and safety in work legislation.

Some entrepreneurs try to resolve current legal requirements in cases where the person is self-employed or only works as a contractor.

Often people are unclear in such cases, but the law states explicitly that even in these cases it is still a requirement of employers to ensure that proper safety equipment is provided.

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However, it should be noted that in such cases where PPE equipment or special clothing is needed as part of the contract, it is legal and acceptable for employers to require contractors to select and purchase appropriate equipment, with good financial reimbursement offered separately or included in the overall contract fee.

However, there are no acceptable conditions where a person must be forced to buy their own equipment or safety clothing while working for another person, regardless of the nature or type of contract.

There are many reported cases where new employees are given safety clothing or equipment that is made to measure or is purchased primarily for their use, with this cost taken from their first wage.