Monograms – Reinforcing a Centuries Old Tradition

Monograms to denote ownership have been used since the dawn of time, even before the tradition of the letter were used when writing first became an art form, some form of the mark would have been placed on tools.

The earliest monograms would not have been a decoration as they are today but to denote ownership.  Now monograms grace fine china, bed linen, table linen such as tablecloths and napkins, and silver dinner tureens.

They marvel mailboxes and doors or are about terracotta tiles with initials on outside a house. You can navigate various web sources and find more about antler split monogram

The history of Monograms

Initially, they have been used as a measure of riches; it meant you could afford to mark your possessions as a person.

It was a type of postage because they falsified theft. An individual thing with a royal crest or a monogram had to be stolen when it had been found in the possession of a commoner.

Steel Roots Decor 18 / Copper Antler Split Monogram

Originally in Europe, the rich monogrammed their laundry and bedding in addition to their panties in order to return to the correct person as it arrived in the laundry.

It is true the monogram may be cut, but it left a mark that indicated theft and as from the eighteenth Century convicts were shipped to the colonies for thieving of this loaf of bread theft of more valuable items could have been a capital offense.