Mental Health Therapist: Find One to Suit Your Need

Finding the right Mental Health therapist or counselor can be quite combing sometimes. To make it worse, you can get confused with all sounding the same specialization or even their common names.

For example, if you are suffering from depression, you should go to a mental health counselor or a psychiatrist? To make your life easier, here are some common types of Mental Health therapist, with a brief explanation of their specialization and training.

Mental Health Counselors

Generally, with a master's degree in counseling or counseling psychology, Mental Health Counselors conduct an assessment and provide psychotherapy to patients. You can also check out the mental health services & fees at IntraBalance.

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Most of them have attended a couple of hours of training experience for counseling on issues related to mental health. They need to get a license from the state before starting to work as an independent Mental Health Counselor.

Family and Marriage Therapist

This is one of the most common terms used in the context of counseling. With a Master's degree (M.A) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) in marriage and family therapy, family and marriage therapist needs to complete at least two years of clinical training under the supervision of an experienced therapist.

Any person offering psychotherapy may be called a Psychotherapist. There is no compulsion for a psychotherapist to have obtained a formal degree in a related discipline or have completed a fixed number of months for training. One should be careful before consulting such a therapist.