Know The Difference Between Marble Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are getting to be very fashionable nowadays, particularly in more lavish homes. The hottest, and generally the most notable ones are the granite countertops. Some individuals are in fact confused with the term, because granite and marble are two distinct types of pure stone.

Therefore, let’s first explain. Marble granite countertops aren’t actually made from marble. They are produced from granite. They’re only referred to as marble granite countertops since they have the glistening and smooth quality that’s normal of marble surfaces. And if you are planning to get a granite countertop for your kitchen then you should definitely see the best kitchen countertops in Chevy Chase Maryland from leading suppliers.

Granite countertops, exactly the same as the other kinds of granite, are extremely tough and durable, in addition to resilient, in a vast assortment of temperatures, and these are some of their attributes which make them appealing to designers and homeowners everywhere.

They’re so hard you could cut your meat and veggies directly on the outside, without having a chopping board. The other characteristic of marble granite countertops which makes them so intriguing is that there aren’t any two designs or patterns which are just alike.

Regardless of what type of design you’re planning to have, there’s almost surely the ideal one for your area. Additionally, the easy and classy layouts of marble granite countertops fit just about any color, and give a superb setting for any type of furniture which you may want to spend the space.

Marble granite countertops or those with an extremely shiny surface, would be the most popular type, as we mentioned previously. However, in addition, there are other sorts of granite counter tops. It is possible to opt to receive those having a unpolished appearance.

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