Italy For Seniors Travel

It's no wonder that Italy is one of the world's top tourist destinations, with an amazing view as the cities of ancient, classical art, charming villages, magnificent natural scenery and many more scattered throughout the country.

It's also a great place for seniors in a particular trip, with a wide range of great travel history, wine tastings, educational and language packages and cruises tailored to visitors from abroad are offered. Check about Italy trip through an online search.

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Senior citizens enjoy a respected status in Italy. Culturally, they are considered to be old, but wise and has a long and good contribution to the community. This respect for seniors translated into all sorts of benefits such as discounts at restaurants and all sorts of local places, so be sure to ask where you are.

However, in terms of the overall discounts on famous attractions, we have heard in some cases do not get a senior travel discount offered to non-EU citizens, but be sure to ask. 

If you want to see great works without standing the sun all day, came to Italy between mid-March and May or September and October, when the crowds are much smaller.

Another great way to avoid a long wait at the Vatican Museums, especially to come on the last Sunday of every month, when admission was free and the line moves much faster! Or pre-book your entry tickets. This is a great way to avoid the hassle horrible and something I personally do before all my travels.