High-Rise vs Low-Rise Apartments In Midwood: Pros and Cons

You’re in the market for a new apartment, but you’re having trouble deciding on the type of place to rent. Besides price, location, and amenities, you’ll also have to decide whether you want to live in a bigger or smaller building.

To help you with your apartment search, we prepared a brief description of the differences between high-rise and low-rise apartments.

High Rise vs Low Rise: Which Is Better?

Now that we have an idea of what is a high rise apartment in Midwood, it’s time to talk about why you might want one.

Advantages of High Rise Apartments

• They Offer the Best Views

• They Are Located in the City

• They Provide a Doorman/Security

• They Always Have Elevators

• They Offer More Leasing Options and Vacancies

• They Have Easier Utilities and Maintenance

Advantages of Low Rise Apartments

• They Are Closer to the Street

• They Have More Amenities and Parking

• They Provide Better Access to Green Spaces

• They Are Located in Residential Areas

• They Offer Greater Peace and Privacy

• They May Be Cheaper and May Offer Negotiable Rent

The perks of living on a higher floor:

• Better views

• More privacy

• More natural light

• Less noise

• Fewer insects

• Better ventilation

The perks of living on a lower floor:

• Easier street access

• Less walking/waiting

• Lower energy costs

• More green spaces insight

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