Birthday Getaways on Your Milestone Year


Traveling to a far away exciting place to celebrate your successful sixty on earth is the new way to sing ‘Happy Birthday to me’. Surprise parties were a trend in past. By sixty you have had enough of them and you actually stopped looking surprised at fifty already.  The birthday destinations do not have to be Vegas or Disneyland. It could be a small secluded in Indonesia, or a lively beach in Thailand, or a family report in Malaysia. Here are some fun ways you can make your milestone year memorable for you and your family.

Hiking – You can choose to go hiking with your partner or friend. Take lots of photographs. Spend the night at a campsite. Light a warm campfire, cook a camping recipe and make lifelong memories.

Scuba diving – scuba diving is not a common skill. However, most beaches administration ensures that expert services are available to assist scuba enthusiasts experience the exotic deep water swimming. Scuba diving has been made safe with specialised gear and expert assistance. If you haven’t tried it, you must during your destination birthday.

Pictures with sea creatures – Deep water photography is also a fun activity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a swimmer for not. Experts can assist you to swim inside a tank or actual reef and take your breathtaking photographs underwater.

Cycling in countryside – cycling is not only relaxing. Sit allows you to explore places at your chosen pace. It’s easy to afford, ride and park.

Hostels in Thailand provide you a great experience if you choose Thailand for your birthday.