5 ways to feel better about life

We all have our down moments. That’s just the nature of life. The trick lies in not dwelling on those down moments so here are a few ways to help you feel better instantly.

Take stock of how far you’ve come.

You may not always realize how much you’ve accomplished over the past day, week, month, or year. Are there any projects you’ve completed that you can be proud of? Dwell on that.

Find things to laugh at

The Internet is a perfect place to start if you think it’s rude to laugh at family and friends. Do a quick Google search for things like “The most embarrassing photos” or “The funniest things husbands said when drunk”. Whatever you think will bring you a smile, search for that!

Laugh at yourself

Is life really so serious? Think back to one of your funniest moments where you shared a fit of uncontrollable laughter with friends because of something stupid that you said or did.

Make a plan

If you can’ shake feeling down, make a plan to do something that will make you feel better. If it’s your weight getting you down, grab best weight loss pills and change the way how you look at yourself. Create a weight management plan and stick with it.


And if all else fails, turn up the music and dance.